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Costco Co-Founder Jeff Brotman Dies: Remembering All the Reasons Costco Gives us Life

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Costco Co-Founder Jeff Brotman Dies: Remembering All the Reasons Costco Gives us Life

Early this Tuesday, one-half of the duo that #blessed us with the direct-to-consumer wholesale retail experience passed away in his sleep. Jeff Brotman, along with James Sinegal started the now second-largest world retailer with a mission statement that has permeated through their hiring process, employee benefit packages, consumer policies and is still in place today: “Do the right thing.”

On his long-time professional “better-half”, Sinegal remarked, “…over 35 years, he became not just a business partner but a confidante, a great friend. I’m not exaggerating for a second when I say I loved the guy.”

In honor of Brotman’s gift to the world (11 countries and counting), here are 8 reasons why Costco gives us *life*.

1. Whipping out your membership card to gain entry makes you feel both like you’re at the club (even at 11 am on a Wednesday) and part of something bigger than yourself. It’s like your own roped off booth, except the liquor is 100 times cheaper.

2. There’s nothing like the delicate dance between sampl-er and sampl-ee. You think you’re slick, showing up at the three-bean salad spot 10 different times after making increasingly desperate attempts to disguise your appearance? They see you. They know.


Credit: Instagram

3. Which leads to a selection of ladies (and some guys! But they mostly stick to the NutriBullets🙄) who are Living Their Best Life™


4. Costco’s food court is the stuff of bulk-shopping feat. umbrella tables legend. They put you first by keeping prices low (they haven’t changed the price of their hot dog/soda combo in 30 years) and their pizza game can’t be beat. Look at how tight their sauce swirls are:

5. Did we mention you don’t even have to spring for the moderately-priced food court? You can actually sample an entire meal’s worth?

Dinner at Costco 🙌🏽 #costcosamples #costco

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6. It’s nice to shop somewhere where you know the employees are taken care of, and actually like their job. The company pays their workers an actual living wage, with their starting pay sitting at nearly $12/hr, and the average employee earning $21/hr before overtime. There’s comfort in knowing that the person ringing up your 100 oz of mustard doesn’t need food stamps to feed themselves (We’re looking at you, Walmart).


7. Their return policy caters to your payday impulse buy…that leads to your end of the month overdraft.You can return anything. ($30 worth of deodorant seemed like a good idea at the time, okay?)

8. Costco, in all of its Kirkland excellence has so moved loyal shoppers that actual songs were written about the retail giant. Watch below:


R.I.P. Jeff. Thanks for everything.

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