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The Queen of Christmas™ Teases Upcoming Holiday Single


The Queen of Christmas™ Teases Upcoming Holiday Single

Christmastime before Queen Mimi #blessed us with her smash hit, ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ was a barren, Dickensian blight of blustering winds and long retail lines. Shuffling through the short days and cold nights with only ‘Little Drummer Boy’ playing on repeat, it was Christmas pre- ’94 and it was shit.

The smash hit, now a festive season standard is Carey’s biggest single international success and the 11th best selling single of all time. To date, the song has netted the diva over $50 million in royalties (which totally explains Mariah’s confusion over money as a finite resource, and that some people actually pay bills for things like electricity and water).

Over two decades later, Carey is returning to her throne of all-things-Christmas, and teasing her new holiday song featured in the upcoming Sony Pictures animated film, ‘The Star’. Check out the trailer endorsed by Mimi herself, below.

It’s a Christmas (in July) miracle.

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