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Real(ity) Life Imitates Art- Kylie Jenner Sued Again, This Time Over Stealing ‘Lip Bite’ Design


Real(ity) Life Imitates Art- Kylie Jenner Sued Again, This Time Over Stealing ‘Lip Bite’ Design

The reality star, Kosmetic Kween, and youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner progeny finds herself once again at the center of an infringement battle. The 19-year-old, along with supermodel sister Kendall Jenner recently experienced both a lawsuit and a harsh wave of criticism by superimposing their ‘K+K” logo over a number of rock and hip-hop icons including Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., The Doors, and Pink Floyd. T

This ill-conceived “Rock vs. Rap” fashion collection was marketed as a “vintage assortment” of t-shirts that featured images of late hip-hop icons with either the sisters’ logo or a silkscreen overlay of Kendall’s face on top. Biggie’s mom, Violetta Wallace was none too pleased about the image of her late son used to propagate the sale of $125 shirts via millionaire reality stars.

Sharon Osbourne, wife of Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne was not👏here👏for👏Kendall’s perfectly symmetrical face shadowing her husband’s image and came for the girls, in:

“Girls, you haven’t earned the right to put your face with musical icons. Stick to what you know…lip gloss.”

Ouch. Don’t mess with the Princess of Darkness.

The Jenner sisters responded in a statement that sounded like it was totally written by them and not a combination of their legal/PR teams desperately trying to save face in the middle of such an unethical appropriation of multi-genre music icons.

“These designs were not well thought out and we deeply apologize to anyone that has been upset and/or offended, especially to the families of the artists. We are huge fans of their music and it was not our intention to disrespect these cultural icons in anyway. The tee shirts have been pulled from retail and all images have been removed. We will use this as an opportunity to learn from theses mistakes, and again we are very sorry.”

This time Kylie allegedly infringed solo, namely in the use of neon ‘lip-bite’ art in the promo for her upcoming reality docu-series Life of Kylie on E!  The British-born artist suing the social media guru is Sara Pope, a contemporary artist “well known for her bold, seductive paintings of voluptuous lips”. With a number of successful international galleries and partnerships with top beauty brands, this is not the case of some newcomer looking for a bite of Jenner’s notorious and often-flaunted wealth.

The artist is suing both NBC Universal and Jenner’s personal estate, although the reality star’s team maintains that a third party was used to create the image, not Jenner herself. Regardless, Pope is pissed and is coming for all associated with what she views as theft.

Check the two images below to see if Pope’s argument has any legs, er, lips(?) to stand on.

Regardless, these two women have one thing to agree on- they both made their living by creating (read also: injecting) voluptuous lips.

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