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Lisa Frank Pajamas Are a Thing, and We’re Here For It

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Lisa Frank Pajamas Are a Thing, and We’re Here For It

The 90s are a beacon of peak nostalgia for those of us who slashed our definitely real chance at affordable housing by gorging on loaf after loaf of avocado toast and samovars full of $4 lattes. With no way of possibly entertaining the notion that the flat-earth movement would rise and experience a surge in popularity, that legislation dealing with the very real threat of climate change would be written off as an elaborate ruse on behalf of the Chinese government, or that Trump would be much more than a ‘Home Alone’ cameo and stomp his polished Oxfords over transgender rights for millions of Americans, we were free to relish in the products and designs that defined a generation.

Lisa Frank, HBIC and CEO of Lisa Frank, Inc. splashed neon whimsy and technicolor dolphins, pandas, and unicorns into drab classrooms worldwide with her kick-ass collection of Trapper Keepers, lunch boxes and stickers.

The brand’s trademark slogan, “You Gotta Have It” couldn’t have been more spot on for the millions of elementary and middle-school aged girls who stayed up late by the light of their Gameboy Color plug-in light attachment arranging their notebook stickers just so.

Target, the siren songstress that calls us in for a shower curtain and has us leave bleary-eyed and wondering again just how much our bank charges in overdraft fees, has landed another major draw- a new line of Lisa Frank pajamas. The line (available only at Target) features oversized sleep shirts and matching top and bottom sets all within the affordable range of $6-$20.

Just take our money already.


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