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‘Arrested Development’ to Start Filming Season 5– Marry Me!


‘Arrested Development’ to Start Filming Season 5– Marry Me!

George Sr.    Lucille (1 and 2).    Michael.    Lindsay.    G.O.B.    Buster.    Tobias.    George Michael.    Maeby.    Annyong.

A corrupt real-estate mogul is behind bars on multiple counts of treason against the United States, his children are greedy, headline-grabbing narcissists and so out of touch with the struggles of day-to-day life that the concept of being “regular-people poor” is inconceivable.

Lucille 1, reminding us she hasn’t been to a grocery store since the 70s.

Summed up by the wonderfully insecure and status-obsessed Lindsay Bluth, “Great, so now we don’t have a car or a jet? Why don’t we just take an ad out in “I’m Poor” magazine.”

Sound familiar? While the scenario sounds eerily possible in the gilded age of the one-percenters in Trump’s America, Hurwitz’s original satire of the Bush-era provides a satirical, razor-sharp, intelligent, and wonderfully manic glimpse into the desperation of those obsessed with making money and keeping it.

Its 2003 debut was met with wide-spread critical acclaim and the three season network run collected six Emmys, one golden-globe, an endless supply of perfect reaction GIFs, an 8.9/10 ranking on IMDb, and an intensely protective cult following. Nothing gold can stay, however- and the IGN-crowned “funniest show of all time” was left floundering with poor viewership performance and low ratings, leading to its 2006 cancellation.

Diehard AD fans persisted however, and eventually rumors circulated on the fan message boards that a 2011 feature-length film was in pre-production, which amounted to nothing and left us crying in the shower with our frayed, high-cut denim shorts.

Netflix, the ubiquitous production company and voice of the people™ revived the show, commissioning a fourth season which comprised a total of 15 episodes and aired in 2013. While premiering to generally positive reviews (and totally worthy of an all-day-long, only-get-up-to-pee binge watch) fans of the cast’s usual ensemble vibe were disappointed by the focus each episode had on one individual character at a time.

This April, executive producer Brian Grazer revealed that season 5 was a go and we blued ourselves. 17 new episodes of the Bluths? We’re waiting. With little news trickling out of the Netflix fortress about release dates and production schedules, Jason Bateman who plays straight-man Michael Bluth dropped this gem on Twitter today:

The official Twitter account for the show tweeted an initial confirmation of an upcoming release, but Bateman’s glimpse into Lucille’s living room got AD fans HYPE for the 17 new episodes.

We’re ready. We’re all ready for A NU START.

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