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Happy Birthday JB: 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Canada’s Shirtless Wonder


Happy Birthday JB: 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Canada’s Shirtless Wonder

Okay, Beliebers. We see you. We know it seems like just yesterday JB was twirling and bopping his way into your hearts before his voice dropped, singing “Baby” into a Burger King style headset at sold-out college gigs across the country, but he’s somehow 23 today…so let’s celebrate with a list of 5 things you *probably* didn’t know about the singer/songwriter.

  1. Justin’s debut EP, My World, released in 2009 was the strongest-debuting release for a new artist in that year. Less than two months after it was released the album went platinum, securing the then tween-of-pop’s status in the music industry.
  2. Justin recieves over 500 mentions on Twitter per second. That should surprise no one, as he currently holds the title for most the most Twitter followers of any male, ever.

I’m here from the beginning and I’ll be here to see the first wrinkles appear on your skin.

Yeah, we can see it now.

3. “Cupping”, or the therapy made famous by those red welts all over Michael Phelps’ chiseled torso during the Rio Olympics is a practice JB takes part of every once and a while for relaxation.

4. The Biebs has an impressive eight titles in the Guinness World Records Book, updated as recently as August of 2016 for record-breaking Spotify streams, simultaneous tracks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and YouTube views and channel subscribers.

5. After cutting off his famous bangs that gave countless tween girls whiplash from watching them land perfectly on his forehead, he gave a lock of his hair in a signed shadow box to Ellen DeGeneres with the intention of her selling the…gift(?) and donating the proceeds to charity. The hair sold for an astonishing $40,668, with the proceeds sent to the Gentle Barn Foundation, a California-based animal-rights organization.

That’s it! Five more things you now know about the ever-present heartthrob whose shirtless poster is undoubtedly hanging on the bedroom walls of millions of teen girls across the world.

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