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Keyshia Cole Reminds Us She’s the HBIC With Help From Remy Ma and French Montana

Keyshia Cole Reminds Us She’s the HBIC With Help From Remy Ma and French Montana

Keyshia Cole reminds her ex exactly why he picked The👏Wrong👏One👏 to f**k with in the video for her new single “You”, graced on the track with bars by Remy Ma and French Montana. Queen Ma delivers again with high-energy, venom-packed lyrics similar in style to her newly dropped seven minute diss track of Nicki Minaj “ShETHER” which brought their long-standing feud to an explosive head and has left Nicki silent (from a track response, at least. Nicki has been busy shooting with Gucci Mane and Future- and heavily documenting the process on Instagram. After “ShETHER” heavily attacked Minaj’s private and professional life, it’s no surprise Nicki is showing her followers e x a c t l y  why she hasn’t responded.)

Under the guidance of Philly director Benny Boom, Keyshia at first appears to be a worried lover, bringing the police to her home under the guise of filing a missing person’s report for her ex.  Cole, in a sheer nightie, bats her perfectly strobed eyes and regales the police with just how worried she is and how it is so unlike her ex to not come home and slide into her bed at night.  With nothing else to be done but to wait and see if he turns up, Keyshia sees the detectives out…and calmly walks to check on her ex who has been tied up in her closet the entire time.

Pushing her ex away, she goes full Ali Larter Obsessed on the birthday cake that’s sitting on the kitchen counter, which is completely reasonable considering he cheated on her birthday. Cutting herself a nice slice to smash in his face as he sputters around his mouth gag, she reminds him:

So know I’m not the one for the bullshit/I empty out the closet like a full clip/You tried so hard to get at me/I wish you would’ve left me when you met me.

Remy Ma steps up clad in leather bodysuit to further torment Cole’s ex, equipped with an entire sleeve of instruments to bring on the pain. Getting in his face with Cole mouthing her bars in the background, Remy drops:

How you getting hoes take em home then you wife them/It’s really no comparison cause I ain’t nothing like them/Bestie said fuck him, I’m like don’t get me hype cause/At one point would had been gun point on site bum

French then stuff’s Cole’s battered ex (and the woman he cheated with) in the back of his Benz to get far away from the crime scene while the spitting the memorable witty and scathing lines:

But I ain’t having it, your game weak like seven nights/Coming with the same lines like Trump’s wife

(In reference to the time when Melania Trump ripped off Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech in a “YUGE” way.)

Cole’s ex is then left scrambling to his feet with his partner in infidelity after being dumped by French on a nondescript hill outside of LA . There’s a cut to Keyshia laughing with her crew in her ultra-sleek mansion and then a slow fade, a reminder that the worst punishment of all is losing Cole in the first place.

Joining the ranks of K. Michelle’s “Kiss My Ass” and Mary J. Blige’s “Suitcase”, Keyshia Cole’s “You” is the perfect track for any revenge playlist.

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