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Bob’s Burgers s7e10 Recap: There’s No Business like Mr. Business Business


Bob’s Burgers s7e10 Recap: There’s No Business like Mr. Business Business

Any episode of BB feat. Gayle, the carousel of human misery that crashes her way through the cheery monotony of the Belcher’s restaurant grind (with pastel fanny pack) has me hooked from the start. Her voice, quivering like she’s choked on one too many value bags of meatballs lately cuts through the first scene with an enticing promise of more, more MORE Gayle to come. Mr. Business, her life-partner and maybe lover (see also: her cat) has been cherry-picked by a cat agent (which IS a thing, trust her) to be taken seriously for the Chef Cat cat food auditions. This, of course has both Gayle and Linda dreaming of rolling their middle-aged bodies around on a bed of Benjamins that smells like freeze-dried tuna.

Look at his smize.

Linda, constantly searching for the thrill of flashing lights despite her Payless loafers firmly planted in the lower middle class has been secretly lending Gayle money for the fees necessary for Mr. Business to be an *~InStANt sTaR*~. Bob, more in-tuned with the fact that the Belcher’s are two bad patties away from homelessness puts the kebash on lending Gayle more money, because Gayle has borrowed $16, $41, $105, and $22 recently for rug-shampoo, control-top panty hose, past-due Magic-Bullet Blender payments, Christmas gifts, and lube (in that order. Maybe the secret to my stomach not looking like a garbage bag full of water balloons is $41 control-tops).

Bob, convinced that cat agents can’t be a real thing goes to try and get their money back from Mr. Business’ charming British agent, voiced by the ubiquitous John Oliver. At first, it was kind of hard to place him in BB because I can’t really place John Oliver anywhere else than behind a desk yelling “COME ON, AMERICA” with his glasses sat directly in the middle of a war between his overly-expressive eyebrows and the lack-of-slope of his nose, but I came around eventually. Bob eventually gets sold by the prim cat agent in the same way that Piers Morgan gets airtime Stateside, and coughs up more money for Mr. Business’ promised ascent to fame and stardom.

The cat agent, not knowing how many hours Mr.Business sat in a dark room clutched to Gayle’s chest while they listened to Tom Jones in the dark freaked out at his go-see and seemingly squandered his chances of landing the commercial. Bob, frothing at the mustache at the thought of losing the opportunity to never lend Gayle money again discovers that Mr.Business responds to him and only him, an appropriate (albeit a bit clunky) continuation point for the middle of the episode.

Worth noting is Tina’s side plot of secretly eating cat food throughout, her shameful indulgence of blended and dried shrimp, steak, and chicken.

Tina: No one is eating cat food! God, why would you even say that?

Bob: N-No one said that Tina.

Despite Bob shouldering the role of Mr. Business’ trainer, he is still dropped by the cat agent for a younger, hotter cat who isn’t as much of a “loose cannon.” Bob takes that straight to his erratically pumping heart as yet another slight to his potential and is more determined than ever for Mr.Business to win the slot. Wanting to prove to the world that he’s more than a man that can only afford half-ply toilet paper, he turns Mr.Business into Charlize Theron in Young Adult, licking his fur raw until there’s just smooth skin and puckered cat nips. Gayle, attuned to every nuance of Mr.Business’ needs steals him away just before his audition slot and whisks him away from Bob’s hairy, money-grubbing hands.

Realizing that Gayle cares more about Mr.Business than she does about making money, Bob’s blocked arteries soften just enough to capitulate and set the cat free from the pressures of fame and the Chef Cat spotlight. To offset the sap of Bob admitting he cares about anything, there’s a cut to Tina and Jean stuffing their face full of Chef Cat, soon joined by Linda. Linda admits that she indulges in a cat food binge every once and a while when the box of Franzia in the fridge runs out and it’s a nice offset of their every day drudgery.

One final passive aggressive showdown between Bob and the cat agent as they’re leaving the audition and things are back as they should be, with Gayle and Mr.Business alone in her basement apartment with Gayle reminding him,”It’s just a couple more years ’til you die.”

That’s what keeps us all going, Gayle.

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